From runways to racks to Coco Chanel’s inner sanctum, I’ve covered style for decades for Women’s Wear Daily and major magazines. I'm the daughter of a fashion retailer and grew up working in the business. I spot trends before they hit the runways, but I'm not fooled by fads. 

But that's not all I am.

As a Houston-based content strategist, editor, writer and longtime journalist, I am known for quick turnarounds, clear, crisp and clean copy, providing art and as a specialist in marketing, management, medicine and COVID-19/Coronavirus.

You'll get savvy, witty words and images that capture your voice -- and deliver your message -- elegantly and as you envisioned.

My stories arrive early, never late.

I've been called "a speed-typing genie in a bottle," "a mind reader," "a researcher extraordinaire" and "a treasure trove of awesomeness."

Find out for yourself. Consider it a chance to decide, as one editor did, "There's only one Michele Meyer -- not nearly enough to go around."