The Reviews are in

George W. Stone

Good God, Michele!  Are you on speed or something???? Do you have a speed-typing genie in a bottle??? Are you five people?? This is AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! Bravo and thanks. It looks fabu. How cool are you? You make my life so easy! Eight zillion cheers.

George W. Stone, Editor-in-Chief, VP
National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Christian Millman

You’re the only writer whose stories I enjoy so much, I have to read them the moment they arrive.

Christian Millman, Executive Editor
Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Michelle Lee Ribeiro

The client made a point to tell me yesterday how much EVERYONE on her team raved about you. She said you were such a joy, so thorough, and the piece was amazing. You should know, this client makes changes to everything - some big, some small - and they left your story intact. So you know they mean it 🙂

Michelle Lee Ribeiro, Editor-in-Chief
Palm Beach Media Group

Lisa Delaney

You are a researcher extraordinaire. You probably know my mom’s shoe size.

Lisa Delaney, Editor
Cooking Light Magazine

Karen K. Kaplan

Fashionistas: this is one killer blog. Even if Chanel is just channel misspelled to you, this blog is worth the read.  So freaking well written. Cracks me up AND informs.

Karen K. Kaplan, Editor/Vice President

Alicia Miller Corbett

Well, Michele, you have officially made my day.  I'm so grateful not only for that, but also for your ongoing beautifully written contributions to the magazine, and that you're simply such a delightful person to get the opportunity to work with!

Alicia Miller Corbett, Creative Director, Pace Communications
Four Seasons Magazine

Priscilla Totten

You did an amazing job. A powerful amount of reporting and a terrific, consistent nailing of the theme. Well organized, wonderfully reported with great sources, energetically written – great job. In addition to clever ideas, snappy writing and a great Rolodex, you're a total pro who's a pleasure to work with.

Priscilla Totten, Senior Editor
USA Today

Waynette Goodson

So happy to be working with you again, and here’s what I think about your (story) – YOU HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK! Loved your self-deprecating tone/humor, loved the first-person intro/set-up. A ++++++. Thanks for the giggles!

Waynette Goodson, Managing Editor
Four Seasons Magazine

Carla Valencia de Martinez

What a well-spun story you weave, my dear! Love how you are able to carry the theme through so flawlessly.

Carla Valencia de Martinez, Editor-in-Chief
Local Houston Magazine

Clell Bryant

Sharp, snazzy writing, makes me hungry and thirsty, and I've just had lunch.

Clell Bryant, Editor
Reader's Digest Magazine

Gayle Kesten

What a delightful piece, Michele--a pleasure to read, and your creativity perked me up. We’re good to go.

Gayle Kesten, Editor

Marc Fishman

The client actually said the white paper was 'perfect' - which is pretty great feedback!

Marc Fishman, Senior Editor
Brafton Content Marketing Agency

Patti Verbanas

I really love you as a fashion writer. Most (and I worked with quite a few) are so terrible, vacuous, non-intelligent. Honestly, I’m hard-pressed to find someone I like better than you (and not just in fashion). Let me just say I’m a fan!

Patti Verbanas, Senior Editor
MasterCard's Luxury Magazine

Barbara Schuetz

You’re reading our minds!

Barbara Schuetz, Editor-in-Chief
Taste of Home Magazine

Isabel Gonzalez-Whitaker

Barely any edits! Wonderful copy. Thanks!

Isabel Gonzalez-Whitaker, Editor

Karen K. Kaplan

There’s only one Michele Meyer—not nearly enough to go around. Thank YOU for 15 years of quality work and killer collaboration.

Karen K. Kaplan, Editor/Vice President